Tenant Representation

Edwards Commercial Real Estate offers tenant representation to companies desiring to fill their commercial space needs.

Our tenant representation realtors work closely with clients looking to relocate their office, retail, or industrial space. For clients looking to start a new business, our tenant-rep realtors provide free consultation to review space requirements and specific needs.

Commercial real estate leasing and purchase can be a difficult maze to navigate. Terms such as core factor, operational pass-through, building classification, estoppel certificate, net rent-able area, full-service lease, and triple-net lease can seem like a foreign language without a real estate professional by your side.

Edwards Commercial Real Estate provides a full summary of available locations and works to generate proposals from property owners. We negotiate the best terms for the client and get you across the finish line. Typically the cost of services is free to our tenant clients. Normally property owners or owners’ representatives cover fees.

Whether leasing or purchasing, Edwards Commercial Real Estate can locate the best value in a timely manner.